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gecko . @exelotl, @raru.re

@technomancy @suricrasia for the gbadev discord I run ircord (github.com/Yardanico/ircord) which does a bunch of things quite well:
- detects bold, italic, newline etc. and makes them look OK on irc
- detects edits and shows a diff of what changed instead of reposting the entire message
- detects long messages / code snippets and calls out to a pastebin service instead of sending a multi-line monstrosity (I had to make a fork to stop it linking to the Nim playground though, as it was made for that one community)

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kepstin . @kepstin, @tenforward.social

@exelotl @technomancy @suricrasia having more than a couple puppeted irc users (one client connection per user) will require working with the irc network operators, yeah. You usually need connection limit exemptions at a minimum, and they might have other config recommendations. In most cases you'd want to have an IPv6 network space big enough so each IRC user can have their own IP, and ensure that sufficient user information is provided in an appropriate format for irc-side bans to work. And depending on the use case you might also need to deal with storing and using account log in (nickserv) information :/

In theory a bridge which participates in the irc server-server protocol would be more efficient than making many client connections, but irc networks almost always want to run anything which connects that way to be run by their own staff, for security reasons.

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